General Ledger

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General Ledger is one of the most important components of any accounting process for an organization. It is the central repository of all the sub-ledger transactions from accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, cash & bank, including the entries related to provisions and adjustments. It contains a summary of every transaction and adjustment needed to prepare financial statements and tax returns. With rich experience in providing accounting outsourcing services and a team specialized in General Ledger accounting domain; Heka Support Services provides the best possible support for General Ledger process and account reconciliation. Our competitive costing model and high reliability with assured error-free General ledger services underlines our commitment to become trusted partner in your growth and success.

Three Step Approach:

  • Review sub-ledger entries
  • Verify payroll, cash, inventory
  • Resolve posting errors

  • Prepare and post adjustments
  • Booking periodical provision
  • Year-end adjustments

  • Journal entries report
  • Profit & loss report
  • Analysis of b/s accounts


Key Benefits:

Competitive Cost Model
  • Cut your general ledger maintaining cost up to 70%
  • Reduces burden of maintaining records, reconciling accounts and archived data
Timely Processing & Booking
  • All journal entries processed on time without any delay
  • Real time record updating for a true picture of the financial position
  • Delivered monthly/quarterly/annual closing on stipulated deadline
Quick access of Financials
  • Accurate and precise analytical reports enabling a quick review of financials
  • Customized reports for investor, shareholder, financial institution and management
Quality Control & Compliance
  • Assured accuracy of journal entries and account balances
  • Updating accounts in compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principal)
Secure, Systematic & Audit Friendly
  • Multilevel data security.
  • Centralized repository of databases and reports
  • Maintaining reports for Internal and Statutory audit
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General Ledger helps to prepare the trial balance, which ensures that total debit and credit amounts in our books of accounts are equal. It further acts as the basis for making important financial statements including income statement and balance sheet. By deploying Heka’s experienced resources and time tested processes, you are assured of low cost and value added processing of your General Ledger.

Special features of General Ledger accounting services:

• Booking adjustments for prepaid and accrued expenses.
• Adjustment booking for prepaid and accrued incomes.
• Review and verify all sub-ledger entries and resolve any posting errors.
• Analyze all cash expenses and post the entries.
• Verify, review and process monthly payroll before posting the entries.
• Review and process inventory variance and book adjustment entries.
• Maintaining details & booking entries for leasehold & administrative agreements.
• Maintain details related to borrowings from banks & financial institutions and booking journal entries.
• Prepare and post period end entries and adjustment.
• Calculation and recording of depreciation, amortization and depletion.
• System error checks to ensure that accuracy of posting is maintained and ledgers are balanced.
• Investigation and closure of suspense accounts by detecting missing entries.
• Ensuring legal compliance by maintaining the correct chart of accounts.